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Snow Removal in Anne Arundel County Got a Whole Lot Easier

Let’s face it: when winter rolls around, and your driveway and sidewalks collect a thick layer of ice and snow, the last thing you want to do is tackle it yourself. Snow removal is a literal pain in the butt; wouldn’t it be nice to have someone take on the heavy lifting for you? At Lawn Care INC of Maryland, we provide snow removal in Anne Arundel County, so that you can put down the shovel, sit back, and relax while we get rid of all that built-up ice and snow for you. Stop dreading shoveling snow — call us instead!

Benefits Of Our Anne Arundel County
Snow Removal Services

We don’t need to remind you that shoveling all that ice and snow that’s built up on your driveway can be dangerous, to say the least! Snow removal can pose a ton of hazards to both you as well as family, friends, or colleagues who are staying at or near your property, too. Trying to remove ice and snow by yourself is back-breaking and potentially risky work — it makes a lot more sense to leave snow removal in the hands of capable professionals like us who have the equipment and experience to quickly and efficiently get rid of your snow.

At Lawn Care INC of Maryland, we take pride in many things: our deep level of expertise, our professionalism, and, of course, the efficiency with which we get our work done. When it comes to snow removal in Anne Arundel County, you need to rely on a company that knows how to get rid of snow and ice that’s built up on your sidewalks and driveways quickly and efficiently. Our experts have the necessary industry-grade equipment, training, and experience to get rid of your snow quicker than you ever could with your own two hands and a single shovel.

This benefit applies to both residential and commercial property owners: it’s important that you decrease as many liabilities as possible by working with professional snow removers like us so that you won’t be held accountable for accidents that occur on or around your property. Property managers, in particular, need to ensure they protect themselves from being held accountable for incidents attributed to built-up ice and snow; mitigate liabilities by working with us and hiring us to tackle your snow removal for you. Plus, you’ll avoid fines from municipal entities that ding you if you don’t properly and punctually remove snow.

Trusted Snow Removal in Anne Arundel County

At Lawn Care INC of Maryland, we provide quality snow removal throughout Anne Arundel County.  We take care of ice and snow that’s built up on areas that our customers specifically designate, such as driveways, sidewalks, and more! We’ll even help you lay down some much-needed salt and sand on the areas that you designate. If winter is fast approaching and you dread tackling your snow and ice removal needs by yourself, we’re here to let you know that you can stop stressing! Keep your property safe and clear of all snow and ice with our affordable Anne Arundel County snow removal services today!

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Areas We Service

We provide our services to customers in Anne Arundel County and surrounding areas, including Hanover, Davidsonville, Ellicott City, Columbia, Severn, Glen Burnie, Annapolis, Pasadena, and Severna Park.

We Provide The Highest Quality Snow Removal In Central Anne Arundel County

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Frequently Asked
Snow Removal Questions

Yes, we do. We carry both workers’ compensation coverage as well as liability coverage to compensate for the unlikely event that you experience damage to your property while we’re performing our snow removal work. This helps you avoid needing to pay out of pocket for potential damages caused.

Yes! We use rock salt – otherwise known as sodium chloride – to lower the freezing point of water, which can melt ice even when outside temperatures are below freezing. In order for this to work, a heat source that has an air temperature of at least 15 degrees Fahrenheit is required.

When a snowstorm is bearing down, it’s important that we consider the safety of our customers as well as our employees — the answer to this question does depend on how quickly we’ll be able to remove snow from your location. Call us for a response time during a snow event.

Absolutely. At Lawn Care INC of Maryland, we arm our technicians with industry-grade and large-scale snow removal equipment to effectively and efficiently remove snow from our customers’ areas. For a full list of snow removal equipment that our technicians use, feel free to give our team a call.

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